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Our specialists can handle any generator repair or service need!

Los Angeles Mobile Mechanic has decades of experience in generator repair and servicing. We provide necessary repairs and parts for every kind of generator and its associated components. Customers include RV owners, home developers, commercial standby generator owners, mine operators, industrial plants, ranchers, electric utility companies, commercial contractors, government agencies, and broadcast and communication businesses.

Our trained parts technician researches and orders parts needed by our customers. Here are some of the many brands that we service:

• Duetz
• Generac
• Isuzu
• Kohler
• Lister-Petter
• Onan
• Wisconsin

If a replacement is required, we can help make arrangements for you. Our service is fast and effective and we know you will be well satisfied with the results. Call us today and let’s take care of the problem!


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We come directly to you with affordable vehicle repair! Our schedules fill up quickly early in the week, so please do not wait to call and book a time slot. We greatly look forward to proving our quality of work on your vehicle and earning you as a customer for life!


What makes a good mechanic?

Problem-solving skills are also a must. Auto mechanics often have to deal with unforeseen problems and work around them to get the job done properly and on time. … While a good mechanic can work well on his/her own, some jobs require excellent teamwork and coordination, as well as good customer service skills.

How often should I service a diesel generator?

You are recommended to get the generator repair serviced at least once a year.

What is the difference between a diesel mechanic and a diesel technician?

A diesel mechanic is repairing the mechanics of a truck, while a diesel technician handles the technology of a truck. Diesel techs are new to the trucking industry and you can expect to see more of these jobs in the future.

How do you service a portable generator?

Generator Maintenance Checklist :

  1. Clean Generator. Clean with Towels and a Degreaser Every 1 Year and Check for Leaks.
    Change Oil. 25 Hours or 1 Year (Should Also be Changed after the First 5 Hours)
  2. Change Oil Filter.
  3. Change Air Filter.
  4. Change Spark Plugs.
  5. Check Fuel Filter.
  6. Check Battery.
  7. Add Fuel Stabilizer.

How do I hire a mechanic?

Top 5 Ways to Hire the Ideal Mobile Mechanic :

  1. Make your shop a place technicians want to be. It’s not all about the money.
  2. Provide technicians with fair pay. Recently, an automotive repair student recounted leaving his position at a repair shop to go work at Taco Bell.
  3. Reconsider your shop’s pay plan.
  4. Get out of the shop and network.
  5. Provide the latest equipment.