I am always nervous about choosing a new mechanic, but the people at Los Angeles Mobile Mechanic gave me an amazing rate, and provided excellent service that came to my house! Scott Thomas – Orange County, CA

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Mobile RV Repair Los Angeles

Our objective is to mend your RV in a timely fashion, with the ease of cellular service for you. We do quality Mobile RV repair and stand behind our work. Having over twenty decades of expertise you can confidently put your RV in our palms and rest assured that the repairs will satisfy your preferences. We operate on all Kinds of RV’s for example Motor Homes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, Tent Trailers, Campers, Pop-Up Campers, Horse Trailers, Utility Trailers & Marine Craft’s.

Listed below are a few of the numerous brands & services that we supply to our clients. Should you require service on something that isn’t recorded, gives us a phone. Our objective is your satisfaction.

Electrical: Generators, Converters, Inverters, Batteries, Measures, 120 Volt & 12 Volt Wiring, Lighting Systems: Slides, Leveling Jacks, Satellites, Audio & Video, Antennas, Monitor Panels

Pipes: Tanks & Lines, Water Pumps, Faucets, Toilets, Showers

Wood Cabinetry: Paneling, Doors, Walls, Ceilings, Trims & Finishing

Exterior: Rubber Roofs, Metal Siding, Windows, Doors, Molding, Roof Vents, Awnings RV

Inspections: Annual RV Inspection, New/Used RV Buyer Inspection


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How do you know if your mechanic is scamming you?

Someone who used to work on cars or does work on his own but might not know the computer side. You need someone who knows parts and where they go. You want to see what’s wrong and have your friend see too. Ask any questions you want but don’t argue or challenge, then hear what your friend has to say.

How do you trust mechanics?

Need a Mechanic? Here Are 5 Ways to Pick One You Can Trust

  1. Ask for the mechanic’s certifications. One fairly reliable certification is by ASE, the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence.
  2. Check the company’s reputation.
  3. Look for the shop’s affiliations.
  4. Look for a mechanic that is willing to show you the problem.
  5. Go with your gut.

How do you service a diesel truck?

Here are five simple but important truck maintenance and mobile RV repair tips that will keep your diesel running smoothly.

  1. Clean Regularly.
  2. Fill Up on Fluids.
  3. Change Filters Regularly.
  4. Change That Oil.
  5. Monitor and Repair Your Exhaust System.
  6. Truck Maintenance: It’s Up to You.

What are diesel generators used for?

A diesel generator is used to generate electric energy by using a diesel engine with the help of an electric generator. Diesel gensets convert the mechanical energy generated by the diesel engine into electricity using alternators.

How do I find an honest mechanic?

How to Find an Honest and Reliable Mechanic:

  1. Know Your Car’s Anatomy.
  2. Do Your Homework.
  3. Get Recommendations.
  4. Look for a Specialty Shop.
  5. Ask About Certifications.
  6. Start With a Small Job.
  7. Talk With the Mechanic and Develop Relationships.